Computer Says No – Enfant Terrible [ppt37]

Przedstawiam pierwszą zapowiedź płyty CSNo i pierwszy singiel „ENFANT TERRIBLE”.

Taken from forthcoming release – „Computer Says No – Enfant Terrible”.

Once again, after a series of discrete electroacoustic improvisation, tapping sounds are coming from the storage space. This time, a horrible kid got stuck there while falling into a tangle of tentacles made of grempline and stylon, which for years of being necrotic, suddenly came to life under the influence of the youthful energy vibration. Now the disobedient whipster is vainly trying to cross the cubby’s walls by imposing rhythmic kicks in the harl matter and all this to the prelude of an ominously rustling crash textile.

New music of Jakub Pokorski (in this case operating under the name ‚Computer Says No’) is a dark and minimalist material, which will please both enthusiasts of rhythmic structures, and those who like to immerse themselves into the world of diversified textures.

Mix, Music – Jakub Pokorski
Graphic design – Laura Kudlińska
Release date: October 2016
Release formats: cassette + digital


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